A strong foundation. It matters in construction, and it matters in life. What are you building your life on? This collection of messages is a great way to start building or keep maintaining your faith as you learn about the core of Hillside's culture and vision as a church.


The invitation is simple. Come to church just as you are. And we mean that, because that is God’s invitation to all of us. Come with all of your fears, doubts, hurts, and baggage. There’s no pressure or expectation. This five part series is an invitation to come and see, and come as you are.


How do we connect with the kind of friends that form a solid inner circle, those friends that we want to make a positive and lasting impression on our lives? Why are healthy friendships so important to our lives and faith? Watch this five part series all about the foundational importance of cemented friendships.


What does it look like to come to God in humility? What does it feel like to hunger for God? And what could God do with a whole church full of humble and hungry people? Check out this three part series that will begin to lay a foundation of humility and hunger in your own life.