Hillside Foundations

Humble & Hungry - Part 1: Humble Before God

August 7, 2016

We have been challenged to consider the possibility that the younger generation is outpacing the older generation in the pursuit of God; perhaps the younger are more humble and hungry. What is your first reaction to this challenge?
Read 1 Peter 5:5-6 & Isaiah 66:2
Discuss who God opposes, to whom He shows favor and why.
When was the last time you asked what you could do for your church/God?
Did you follow the direction you were given?
Mark 10:37 is described by a scholar as “the most blatant example of human self-centeredness in contrast to Jesus’ humility and self-sacrifice.” Have you been in the same shoes? Has your need to be in a better pole position ever been exposed? If so, consider sharing the circumstances.
Read Phil 2:4 – Right now in your life, where are you being led to put someone else’s interest before your own?
Humble people serve Christ out of love not ambition; out of love and loyalty because He is who He is. Is there an area of your life in which you struggle to serve Christ instead of yourself?
Humble people are self-aware. Are you aware of anything in your life that seeks to distract you from being humble and hungry?
Is your greatest desire to be near Christ? Is there something you need to let go in order to truly be humble and hungry?
The generation coming up deserves to be guided by those who are humble and hungry. As a group, pray that we adults would not be outpaced by the humility and desperation of the upcoming generation. Continue to pray and ask the Lord to drawer us out of complacency and make us uncomfortable, that we would be truly hungry and humble for the things of God.