Hillside Foundations

Come As You Are - Part 2: Come as Dressed Up or Dressed Down as You Want

January 12, 2014

If you were raised going to church, what was the expectation for you regarding your dress or attire when you attended? If you weren’t raised going to church, what was your understanding of what you were to wear if you went? Share.

Jesus makes it clear that we are not to follow the example of the scribes and the Pharisees. They did not practice what they preached. Share a time when you may not have “practiced what you preached” and were called on it. How did you feel? What did you do to change your ways?

Being dressed up or dressed down means nothing. God looks at our hearts and not our outward appearances. What do YOU look at? Explain.

What does it mean to take something at face value? What are things that you take for face value, bad or good?

Read James 2:1-5. James’ point is that any judgments based on face value alone are wrong judgments, because they do not discern the heart. What does this mean? How does this make you feel?
Sometimes we value things in people that the Lord doesn’t. As you close your group time, pray that you each will learn to value things in people that the Lord values and to pray that our eyes would look at the hearts of people and not their outward appearances.