Hillside Foundations

Come As You Are - Part 4b: Come With Your Bad Church Experience

February 2, 2014

In general, what bad experiences have you had? In travel? At restaurants? At hotels? In home renovations? Etc. Share.

What was your reaction to these bad experiences? Did you promise never to use a certain contractor again? Did you vow never to stay at a certain hotel or eat at a specific restaurant again? Share.

When we have bad church experiences, we often end up with bad church perspectives. Explain this.

Often, the attitude we go into church with determines the spiritual condition we leave with. Have you found this to be true? If so, explain.

Read aloud Luke 18:10-14. When have you been the Pharisee? Share.

When we are prideful, we begin to overlook sinful issues in our lives. Read what Romans 3:23 says about sin. Then read Luke 18:14. Share how this verse makes you feel.

As you close in prayer, pray that God would guard your attitude of feeling like you’re better than others. Also pray that God would continue to have mercy on us as sinners.