Hillside Foundations

Humble & Hungry - Part 3: A Humble and Hungry Church

August 21, 2016

1. This week we finished up the series Humble and Hungry. In what ways have you seen your attitude, outlook, or life change in the areas of hunger for the things of God and humility before Him?

2. Has there ever been something in you life that you couldn’t wait to tell others about? Perhaps an experience, life event, or movie you have seen? Share what that was with the group, and what it was that made it so memorable.

3. What have you experienced in knowing Jesus that you would want others to also experience?

4. As a Home Group, individual, or family what might God be asking you to do to reach those around you that have not experienced the joy of Jesus? What is possible and permissible that you are not doing now that you sense the Holy Spirit leading you toward?

5. End again this week by reading Psalm 51:10-13 and using the versus to guide you in prayer.