Hillside Foundations

Humble & Hungry - Part 2: Hungry for God

August 14, 2016

1. Read Luke 18:9-14 and Rev 2:1-5 together and then discuss what you find these texts to be teaching.

2. Think back to a season when you know you were hungry for the Lord. What are some of the circumstances, habits, and rhythms you had then that you do not now? What would it look like to implement some of those things now?

3. In what ways does your appetite to be in control conflict with a hunger for God to be in control?

4. Comfort and complacency often lead to a lack of hunger. What attitude or action can you take to help you be more uncomfortable in order to force dependence on the Spirit in your life? What about your groups life?

5. Psalm 139:23-24. Turn to this passage and use it as a prayer to end.