SEX. DATING. MARRIAGE. Our culture has a lot to say about these topics. Movies, music, social media, and images bombard us with strong opinions about Sex, Dating, and Marriage. So how does a person find some real truth about them?

Did you know that the Bible is very open and frank about matters concerning sex, dating, and marriage in both the Old and New Testaments? Did you know that God has an entire book in the Bible dedicated to these topics? Since God invented them - and because He talked about them - we're going to talk about them.

Do you want a stronger marriage? Do you want to learn biblical principles to prepare you for marriage? Are you interested in what qualities to look for in dating relationships? We invite you to join us for this series beginning August 28.


The Secret to a Successful Marriage


When the Issue Isn’t the Issue


Sexual Intimacy: What a Woman Needs


Sexual Intimacy: What a Man Needs


When Things Go Wrong


When the Romance Fades

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