High School Camp

July 19-23, 2022

Incoming 9th Grade -
2022 HS Grads

Cost - $495


Elementary Camp

July 22-25, 2022

Incoming 3rd-5th grade

Cost - $445


Middle School Camp

July 25-29, 2022

Incoming 6th-8th grade

Cost - $495

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Frequently Asked Questions

Camp Changes Lives
The Best Part of Their Summer


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You can also call our camp hotline at 806.457.4915 and leave us a message.

Communicating with your Camper


We recognize that more than ever our culture relies on digital connection, especially via smart phones and other Internet connected devices. To help create the best experience, our camp will be a phone and internet device free environment. The heart behind this recommendation is to help our campers:

  • be free from distraction.
  • have a chance to unplug (kids and teens need this too!)
  • bond with friends and Small Group Leaders at camp.
  • reduce homesickness and the need to feel connected to things happening back at home with family and friends.

However, we understand that each family and each camper has unique needs. We want to honor those needs. If you feel that your camper needs to have access to a phone during camp please talk with us ahead of time.

Emergency Contact Info

If a family emergency arises and you need to reach your camper, please contact our Emergency Hotline (806.457.4915). In the event that your child is injured or becomes ill while at camp parents and/or guardians will be contacted as soon as possible. We will have nurses and other medical professionals with us at all times to aid in assessing and addressing any illnesses or injuries.

Sending Letters

We definitely encourage parents and other close family and friends to send letters along with students as they go to camp. Given that we are only at camp for a short period of time, we would prefer that you actually send the letters with your camper in their luggage as opposed to trying to send them in the mail. Use these letters to let your child know that you are praying for them or just to say, “I love you!”