Hillside Foundations

Cemented Friendships - Part 4: What Matters Most

September 18, 2016

1. Discuss how you choose friends. What are your criteria? Has it been successful or has it changed over time?

2. Read 2 Cor 6:14-15 . If believers have nothing in common with unbelievers, how do we end up yoked together at times?

3. Jesus called the disciples friends and does the same for us; Christ being our friend is the first test for our inner circle friends. How do you know when a friend is a passionate Christ Follower?

4. Each person in the group choose another person from the group and tell them 2 things that speak of Christ in their life. Find out one way you can pray for that person regarding their pursuit of Christ.

5. ON YOUR OWN: We know that not all believers are the same; some respect His authority, revere His character and submit to His counsel while others are unchanged. Take a mental inventory of your inner circle and think about how they fear the Lord. Then think about yourself and to what degree you seek to purify yourself and fear the Lord. Is there a consistency between the two or is it out of balance? If there’s an imbalance, seek wisdom and discernment.