Hillside Foundations

Cemented Friendships - Part 2: Not What I Was Looking For

September 4, 2016

Cemented Friendships

Proverbs 12:26, Ruth 1:14-18, Ruth 2:11–12, Matthew 19:29

1.Often friendships are not what we are looking for. Is there an unlikely friendship that you have in your life? What was it that brought you together as friends?

2. Read Ruth 1:14-18. What is it about this friendship between Ruth and Naomi that is so unique?

3. We were challenged this weekend to think through our inner circle and the diversity of it. If you were to look at those that you consider close friends how diverse is it? If you find it to be diverse share with the group the joys and struggles of that. If the inner circle is less diverse why do you think that is, and what might it look like to change that?

4. Often people in our Home Group become out inner circle. How diverse is your group? What do you think the Home Group is missing out on by not being diverse?

5. As a group discuss what it would look like for your Home Group to invite some unexpected people into the group. Some groups have done this by becoming multigenerational groups. Others have invited a couple or person into the group for a week to ask them about parenting, work life balance, or to just hear from them on occasion. There has even been a group that has, for a season, merged with another group to mentor group to group. There are many ways to help diversify the a Home Group, so be creative and end by praying and thanking God for the diverse body of Christ.